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If you’re selling an item such as a car or a piece of furniture you’re almost certain to make sure it’s looking its best first. Preparing your home to capture the interest of potential buyers is even more important.

Showing your home off in the best light helps to attract a wider range of buyers and achieve a good price. Some simple steps to maximise its appeal goes a long way.


Kerb appeal    

Take a look at your home from the front. Does it look good as you approach?  ‘Kerb appeal’ is an important factor in creating a good first impression. Tidy the drive, clean the window sills, sweep the path, paint the front door.


A welcoming feel

Be ready for viewings. Turn on the heating and light fires in winter to make it feel warm and cosy. Open curtains and turn on lights – people react favourably to bright rooms. Appeal to the senses with fresh flowers.


Tidy rooms

A clean and tidy house gives the impression you care and are happy living there. Remove any evidence of washing and ironing to allow your rooms to feel more spacious.


Clean Kitchen/Bathroom

Your kitchen and bathroom can have a major impact on the sale of your house. Both rooms should be well organised with tidy surfaces, clean silicon and grouting on the tiles and a fresh, just cleaned fragrance.



Do those jobs you've been putting off such as touching up paint and re-sealing wallpaper. It adds to the appeal.


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