Discreet Marketing

For many when it comes to selling their home they want to make sure it’s marketed well and that the largest numbers of potential buyers are aware their property is for sale.  The established method of marketing properties online ensures that prospective buyers from any location can view details – and you can shout all about its top-selling points!

However, this route to marketing your home in order to sell it isn’t the only approach.  At Roger Coupe, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a more discreet approach to marketing their home.  One that respects privacy and focuses on seeking the right buyer.

There are many reasons why some people prefer this option, it may be that you have decided to move or relocate and that because of the timescales involved you don’t want to discuss this with your children yet.  Discreetly marketing your home gives you the opportunity to start this process of viewings etc without having to immediately explain why there is a for sale sign outside your home!

It can be the case that in village settings, especially ones where people have lived for a number of years, that you don’t necessarily want neighbours becoming aware of a potential move until nearer the time of actually moving. By not having a board in place and by having open days for viewings etc this can be achieved.

Sometimes this approach is seen as a way of testing the seriousness of buyers. By reducing the number of viewings from anyone who may have seen the property online, to just those that are registered with your agent, it can mean you only get those who are really interested in your home. This can also sometimes mean that a premium can be reached in terms of its value too.

Whilst this option isn’t for everyone there are some clients who want this approach, and there are circumstances that mean marketing your home discreetly offers real benefit.  This is especially true if you have been put off of placing your home on the market because of one of the reasons we’ve discussed.

The question we’re probably asked most from potential buyers is how do we find out about these properties that aren’t being advertised on your website or other property sites?

Make sure your details are registered with us and that we’re aware of all of the details of properties that are of interest to you.  Also being in a good position both in terms of being able to attend viewings and make an offer if things go well will also help.


If you’d like to discuss this option with us please do give us a call 01483 268 555 or drop into our offices we’re happy to talk through the process and how you’d like to approach marketing your home in a way that suits you.