Adding Value to your home

With lockdown continuing this month, although we remain hopeful for some easing of restrictions soon, it is unlikely that we’ll be rushing back to normality just yet.

The property market, especially in our area, has remained very strong and the demand for homes with space to work and offering a pleasant outdoor space are very much in demand.

There are some quick home projects you could do if you are looking to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale, or if you simply want to spruce up your home to be able to enjoy it in time for Spring. Here are our Top 10 quick and easy ‘Home refresh’ projects.

1. Tidy your front garden – this doesn’t need to involve lots of new plants or relaying a driveway!  The basics of sweeping away leaves, weeding, and pruning or tidying any bushes and plants in your front garden will always make your home look more attractive. If you have a pressure washer, having a clean of your front path or driveway can make a big difference to your homes curb appeal. When the weather permits give any grass areas a mow.

2. Look at your hallway as though you’re visiting for the first time – do you have every seasons coats hanging up? Are there scuffs and marks on the wall as you come in? Is this where you store your bike?  Clearing away some of the clutter, like out of season coats and bags that aren’t being used can make the space feel so much bigger.  It is a high traffic area, and it may be just a wipe down of the walls would do the trick.  If you wanted to add a splash of colour or interest - a new doormat can make a real difference.

3. Think about your outdoor space – you may have an extensive back garden or a contained patio area – size doesn’t limit how creative you can be with your outdoor space.  Last year people found that an outdoor space of any size was a real haven. Again, always go for a simple and quick tidy, clear away things like broken pots or old children’s toys that perhaps aren’t used anymore.  How about refreshing garden furniture or fencing with a lick of paint? 

4. Clean the Windows – or find a local company that can!  As we head closer to spring, letting as much natural light in through clean shiny windows makes a big difference.

5. Kitchens are one of the most hardworking rooms in our homes and the one we often spend most time in. Grease and grime, plus different styles coming and going, mean it’s easy for cupboards fitted several years ago to start looking dated. Repainting cupboards can really revitalise the whole space and help modernise your kitchen, whilst saving the much bigger expense of completely overhauling the whole kitchen. 

6. Have you seen some of the tips for making any grouting around tiles shine? Grubby grouting is probably one thing that can easily turn buyers off, as they think they might need to factor in the cost of a replacement bathroom.  Good housekeeping have some great tips on how to remedy this with some clever tips and elbow grease.

7. Fill small holes and scuffs in the walls - over time, screw holes and chips can appear as we move pictures etc around. Most of the time you probably wouldn’t even notice them but they’re worth repairing before you put the house on the market. This is a quick and easy job that will improve the appearance of your home and that extra bit of effort can boost its value.

8. Bedrooms should always be haven of peace and tranquillity – or so the experts say!  The reality is that people may currently be using this space as an office as well.  But if you can, try and find a way of packing things away each day.  Also, have you got good storage?  If there is space under the bed, this is great place to store out of season clothes or bedding.

9. Clean light fitting and replace with LED bulbs – smart technology like LED lightbulbs will save money and energy, as house viewings may well happen in the evening switching on lights that are working and aren’t covered in cobwebs definitely helps create the right impression to potential buyers!

10. Decluttering – you only have to look in any bookshop or switch on any channel to find a range of different ways of approaching this subject!  From Marie Kondo whose advice says we should find joy in all the items in our home, to The Mimimalists - who have some more radical approaches!  But the one thing they all agree on is decluttering helps in lots of ways – and a big one is that it helps create more space, which when it comes to selling your home is a real bonus.

Hopefully you find this list of projects useful, if you would like more advice on increasing the value of your home and placing it on the market please do get in touch with us directly.