How to be more sustainable in your Home Design & Interiors

Sustainability is something that is now high up on many people’s agendas, and although making large sweeping changes is great, for most people it will be the small incremental changes that will make a real difference as these will be easier to maintain.

Our homes are the one area we can all make some sustainable swaps in, whether this is when we are updating them, or if we are replacing or renovating parts of them.  Here’s some ideas to think about for when you’re next tackling a project in your home.


Long gone are the days where naturally occurring substances are used to make paint (although these are making a come back), over time manufacturers have moved to man-made often more toxic ingredients and sadly the use of plastic tubs and lids means they are unable to be recycled too.  Switching to a more eco-friendly paint is not only good for the environment, but now has also been shown to better for your home.  With lots of options to choose from favourites like Little Greene Paint Company and Earthborn are rated very highly, but the good news is the bigger producers such as Dulux are also bringing out more eco-friendly ranges too.

Furniture and Accessories

There are lots of ways of making more sustainable swaps when it comes to the furniture and accessories we bring into our homes.  There are different schools of thought and different options to consider when updating your interiors.  You could consider buying once and buying really well with the idea that this is a purchase that may not just have a spot in your home but could be passed on to future generations making it a really sustainable item.  You could look to buy second-hand and reduce the impact on the environment that comes with producing new sometimes cheaper alternatives, this is often a very cost-effective option too.  If you love hunting items down at antiques fairs or car boot sales as well as online options these days you can nearly always find what you’re looking for!

There are also a number of companies such as one local to us at Roger Coupe called Blue Ticking that upcycle furniture giving it a wonderful new lease of life.  Or why not look into some of those companies that are turning the most unusual materials such as unused sheep’s wool, and old plastic bottles into furniture?


Here in the UK we love our green spaces and tending to our gardens is one of our favourite past times!  It seems unbelievable that our green spaces aren’t automatically ‘green’ and good for the environment – but unfortunately, they often aren’t.

There are countless books and advice out there about making our green spaces greener, and most garden centres now offer whole sections of flowers that are aimed at bringing more wildlife into our gardens. As well as using peat-free compost and reducing the use of any pesticides.

It’s worth thinking about the garden as a whole, such as the outdoor furniture we choose and also hard landscaping can all play a part, and thinking about the diversity of what we have in our gardens rather than just a large lawn.

Solar Energy

Now more than ever ‘green energy’ is high on people’s radars in a previous blog we shared advice about improving the energy rating of your home, but projects that mean you create some of your energy through solar can be easy to do, with more options becoming available all the time. You could be saving up to £405 a year from your bills according to Money Savings Expert.  

We hope this has given you food for thought to think more about the swaps you can make in your home that are more sustainable choices when updating and revamping your home.