Downsizing – How can you help your loved one decide if it’s right for them?

There are many things that Covid-19 has affected in shaping people’s thoughts about their homes and family set up, the time people spent away from loved ones in order to keep them safe, and also for many their homes became a sanctuary.

But for some elder individuals without the help of people they used to let into their homes, the responsibility of a large family home falling on their shoulders was another tough part of the lockdowns from 2020 and earlier this year.

We have often been asked for our advice on this topic, and in this blog we want to help share our tips for helping loved ones to decide as to whether considering downsizing is right for them or not.

Often a very real concern is that family live too far away to provide support to elderly parents. Having a parent living nearby in more manageable accommodation can seem like a sensible option, but this may not have been something your relative has considered before.  In this instance we always suggest discussing the pros and cons of the move. 

In Cranleigh and surrounding villages, there are a range of activities, clubs, and more specialist support aimed at this age group, and these may make a move seem worth it, rather than focus on the logistics and potential work that would be required to downsize.

Maybe your relative already lives locally but has a large family home that has become too much for them. Whatever the reason, there are many options for retirement-age people who want to continue to live an active, sociable, and independent life, without the burden of managing a large perhaps unused house.

Help them consider all the options available

Care homes and sheltered housing maybe people’s first thoughts when considering a future home for elderly relatives. But it’s well worth considering an age-exclusive retirement village if they don’t require the extra support offered by those setups.

These age-exclusive communities are perfect for those who are independent and ready to make the most of their retirement years with a little support. Properties in these villages are designed specifically for those who have retired and aim to provide comfortable, accessible accommodation in a community environment.

Community is key to these retirement villages. Like-minded individuals of a similar age are able to participate in new activities and pastimes. Many of the residents form close friendships, dining together and using the onsite facilities and special interest groups. This is especially pleasing to see when a loved one has lived alone for some time.

Living in a safe environment with access to emergency care via a management team provides peace of mind for families too.

Moving on

Tackling the subject of moving with an elderly loved one can be tricky, but once the idea has been embraced and the decision made, it’s important to make sure the move is as smooth and stress-free as possible for them and anyone helping to support the move.

The first step is to engage a trustworthy, experienced estate agent; one who understands the unique challenges that arise when an elderly relative moves into a new home. Roger Coupe, has many years of experience around the retirement market and being based in Cranleigh and local villages we can offer real insight into the options, as well as the broad range of properties for people looking to move to a more manageable home. As appointed agents for a number of Cranleigh’s highly sought-after retirement developments, we’ve become experts in the field of retirement villages and age-exclusive developments.

We are always happy to assist with helping with any advice you require in supporting the process itself, as well as providing the services to help sell their existing home, with many families keen to find larger properties in the area, we can help find the right buyer for your relative. Why not contact us or drop in for a chat at our High Street offices.