For Sale boards – the facts

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to put your house on the market. There are so many decisions to be made that the option of whether or not to have a For Sale board outside your house probably seems fairly near the bottom of the list. 

However, it’s a surprisingly contentious issue. Some people may not want their neighbours to know they’re moving, or worry that it might encourage people to knock on the door and ask for a view. Nevertheless, there are plenty of practical reasons why having a board helps to sell your home, and the advantages really do outweigh the disadvantages.

Don’t underestimate word of mouth

You may feel, in these tech-savvy times, you’re unlikely to gain any interest from people walking past and spreading the word, but you’d be wrong. It’s surprising how often we’ll get an enquiry from someone who’s driven or walked past a house with one of our boards up. People who live in your area may well be on the look-out for a new home for themselves, for friends or family. Seeing a board may prompt them to have a closer look and can be the catalyst in prompting a decision to move. Sometimes people realise they haven’t seriously considered the idea of moving until they see a house they really like.

Appeal to all sections of the market

A significant proportion of people, particularly the older generation, still prefer to approach moving house in a more traditional way. Don’t write them off, especially as they are often reliable and serious purchasers. For Sale boards make your house stand out immediately; here at Roger Coupe we regularly check our boards and make sure they are neat and tidy and in keeping with your property.

Show you’re serious about moving

Unfortunately, you do get the occasional potential seller who takes their house on and off the market on a whim. A For Sale board is an indication of a genuine commitment to going through with the process, and a board from an estate agent which is well-known and respected locally will be another signal.

Reinforce a positive view of the market

You may be wondering, particularly in the current uncertain economic climate, whether putting your house on the market is a good idea. If the area you are looking at has a dearth of boards up, it is easy to get discouraged and decide the market isn’t moving. For Sale boards can help create a more positive attitude to the property market, and encourage people to widen the pool of available properties.

There are specific rules governing the display of boards which aim to ensure they are a uniform size, they are displayed only within the curtilage of the property to which they relate, and only one board per property is permitted. This is to help ensure the area is kept neat and tidy, and the ambience of the neighbourhood is maintained.

Here at Roger Coupe Estate Agents, we’ll always discuss the pros and cons of having a For Sale board with prospective vendors prior to the property launch, and we will of course respect your views if you would prefer a less overt approach.

If you’re considering a move, why not get in touch with our friendly and helpful team. We know Cranleigh and the villages inside out and we’d be delighted to help.