Getting the most from your time house hunting

We understand that house hunting can sometimes feel like hard work!!  It’s fair to say that not many people will find their perfect home on the first viewing (although some do!) but depending on your wish list it may mean your search might take place over a number of weeks or even months - and often at the weekend.

There can be real mixed emotions when conducting viewings as a lot rests on hopefully finding ‘the one’! This is especially true if you are travelling around to a number of different locations every weekend for viewings.  It can feel like it’s eating into your leisure time and if you perhaps don’t see your dream property it can seem as those you’ve wasted that precious time.

But we have good news for people that are heading to Cranleigh and the surrounding villages for viewings  you can really make the most of your weekend and also really get a feel for the area at the same time.

Here are our Top 5 recommendations of things to do when you’re in the area for viewings:

Take a stroll along the Loxwood Canal – Loxwood canal has been restored over a number of years by some truly wonderful committed volunteers and there are a number of short and long walks you can enjoy in this stunning setting.  There are maps available on their website. 

Enjoy breath-taking views from Pitch Hill – The view from Pitch Hill is amazing at any time of year and The Hurtwood which surrounds it is equally beautiful.  Depending on how long you have you could even walk down to the picturesque village of Peaslake and grab a slice of cake from the Village store to power your walk back!

Cycle along the downslink – did you know you could cycle all the ay from Cranleigh to the coast if you followed the downslink?  Once the railway line that linked the coast to Guildford station it is now the perfect route for cycling or walking, if you prefer.  If you’re not planning on heading that far how about a short cycle to the old Baynards Estate station to enjoy the surrounding fields as you head from Cranleigh?

Grab lunch in the sunshine at a Cafe or Pub in Cranleigh – it’s hungry and thirsty work house hunting so why not grab a bite to eat in the village centre, there is so much choice and with a number of places having adding additional outdoor space you can make truly make the most of Al Fresco dining, and of course people watching is an optional activity!

Visit the Firebird brewery in Rudgwick – if you are headed to Rudgwick to view properties it would be a shame to miss out on not visiting the microbrewery there.  It has a shop and bar open at the weekends, and just next door if you’re not a beer lover, is in our opinion, the best cheese on toast you can get anywhere at The Milk Churn Café – honestly try it and see if you don’t agree.

We’re pretty sure that if you try any of these suggestions it will really make your time spent conducting viewings in this corner of Surrey and Sussex even more enjoyable.  In fact we’re almost certain you just might not want to leave at all!