Homestaging tips to help you sell your home

What influences buyers the most – Location? Local amenities? Transport links? Price and value for money? Gardens?

The answer is all of these will play a part in helping someone decide if a property is the one!  But in a world where the decision to view a property in real life is very much made online first, the initial and most influential aspect of marketing your property is photography.

Here at Roger Coupe we use a number of hi-tech as well as more traditional tools to make sure our client's properties are presented in the most attractive and professional way.  But we also will advise on what elements as a seller you can also do to propel your property as one of many online to a standout must have home!

1.   1. Focus your Efforts – research shows that the most important rooms for influencing buyers' decisions are the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen.  So make sure your time is spent making these rooms as clutter-free and well presented as you can.  If you have time to look at other rooms great – but work on these first as they are likely to have the biggest impact.

2.   2. One of the key points of staging a home is to de-personalise the space.  The aim is to make it a bit of a blank canvas that potential buyers can envisage themselves and their things in the space, rather than the space seem overwhelmed.  We know this is often a contentious topic with sellers as they (rightly!) point out that they do still live there!  This is true but if you are looking for your property to appeal to the biggest potential audience then there is no doubt this makes a difference.

3.   3. Make a good first impression – the phrase kerb appeal is one that we are all now familiar with, but it is true.  A house purchase is likely to be most people’s biggest investment and they want to feel proud about it.  Simple steps like removing dead plants, jet washing any pathways, and trimming hedges will all make difference.  These small changes also make a difference from a photography point of view as they will open out the space.

4.   4. Another tip is to maximise the light coming into your property – a dark house can often appear to be a sad house.  Light makes spaces feel bigger and brighter and generally more appealing.

5.   5. Clean, clean and clean again!  Sorry we know it’s not high up on most people’s lists when they are already busy and in the midst of trying to sell a property, but it makes a huge difference to how prospective buyers feel about a property and its perceived value.  It also can concern buyers if they think a property has been unloved or neglected could this throw up potential more expensive work or fixes for them once they have purchased the property.


1.    6. Employ the services of a reputable Estate Agent! At Roger Coupe we invest in how we market every clients’ property.  From the professional photography and copy written to attract buyers, as well as the ease of use of our website to arrange viewings through to looking at floor plans and information about the area.

Hopefully, our tips will help you make your property as attractive as possible to achieve a quick sale and obtain the best price for your home.


If you’d like any further advice or would like us to value your home please contact us on 01483 268 555.