How to ‘Hygge’ your Home for Winter

We know that traditionally the shorter darker winter months have not been seen as the best time of year to sell your property, and Spring is when, as agents, we see more activity with people looking to put their properties on their market.

But with the changing marketplace over the last few years, as well as the continued growth in online house hunting, we have found that people whether selling or buying a home don’t want everything to stop just because it’s Winter.

There has also been an increasing interest in how our Nordic friends embrace this time of year and make their homes look so warm, inviting and cosy.  The desire to ‘Hygge’ our homes is as popular as ever, and our advice would be to embrace this trend so whether you just hunkering down for Winter or looking to make your home appealing for potential buyers it really is a win-win!

One of the key aspects of Hygge that can be incorporated into your home is soft lighting.  Rather than trying to make a room look brighter by having a very bright overhead light, instead opt for lamps, candles (real or fake!), task lighting etc.  This adds warmth to a room and still allows people to see the key features, by using soft lighting to draw people’s attention to them. Whilst not every house has an open fire or log burner if you do now is the time to get that lit and create warmth and light too.

Think about layering – use throws, rugs and cushions to create a warmth and interest in living and bedroom spaces.  Traditionally in Scandinavian countries, they will stick to a neutral colour palette with perhaps the odd pop of colour for interest.

It’s time to embrace the outside!  Especially when it comes to selling your home people will want to envisage themselves sitting outside on a beautiful summers evening, but by creating an outdoor space that can be used all year round, you are adding to the appeal of the house overall.  Clear away wet soggy leaves, and anything that isn’t being used. If you have a firepit use this to create a space that people can see where they could sit wrapped up warm in the glow of a fire enjoying a hot chocolate or warm seasonal tipple. 

One thing to remember is that whilst many of the aspects that help create a Hygge home are about making additions, the Scandi backdrop to this is a very simple, neutral and clutter-free house.  So before bringing in these cosy tactile elements look to make surfaces clearer and have a good declutter too.

With the market still busy in our area the recent cold snap hasn’t put people off house hunting, and we are still experiencing a shortage of properties on to the market, so if you’re thinking of selling your property there really is no need to wait until Spring.  Get in touch with one of our helpful team on 01483 268 555.