Property Market Predictions for 2022

As we near the end of 2021 we thought it would be helpful for anyone thinking of buying or selling next year to see our round-up of where the market is currently in Cranleigh, and the surrounding villages, and what we think the trends will be continuing into 2022.

Not that anyone wants to be reminded but 2021 started, or course, with a third lockdown in the UK but this time the property market essentially stayed open for business. Certainly locally we saw no abating in people’s desire to move either to the area or within it.  As the country began to open up more through late Spring and into Summer, it is no understatement to say there was a huge flurry of activity, which has kept us busy through Autumn and into the Winter months.

The ending of the Stamp Duty holiday hasn’t impacted the market and people still want to move.  It is also clear that in some areas, and for certain properties there are many more buyers than there are properties, and this looks set to continue into next year. So if you are keen to move there are certainly no shortage of buyers.

For buyers being in a strong and serious position to move would always be our main advice and also sticking with the process, as sometimes it can seem a challenge keeping a chain together.  But from our experience those that press on with it and work together to keep things moving along will be successful – even it takes longer than everyone may have hoped for!

There is no doubt everyone would like a more settled year in 2022, but with the news changing on a daily basis currently, it makes predicting how the property market might react an even trickier business than usual. But reports coming out of the major lenders like Halifax and Nationwide, as well as property website Right Move, suggest that 2022 should return to more of a ‘normal’ year with not as much heat in the market but still plenty of activity.  They also predict that there will be an increased number of people looking to sell their home as part of new year resolutions to move, and this will create more choice in what’s on the market.

Looking at the local market for Surrey and Sussex border it seems that the area continues to remain an attractive place to live, for many reasons, the outdoor space, good schools, and close proximity (when required) to larger Towns, Cities, and good transport connections.

With our wealth of experience over the years we know every year may well have huge highs, as well as times where conditions for moving are more challenging, but working with a good agent, who understands the current market and value of your home can make all the difference. 

So from all of us at the Roger Coupe team, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year.  Following a Christmas break for us to enjoy time with our families and friends, we’re looking forward to stepping into 2022 and continuing to support our clients.