Our guide to property viewings

Your house has just gone on the market and the first viewers are expected. Should you stay or should you go? If this is a question you’ve been considering recently, we’re here to put you at ease with our guide to handling viewings.

The idea of people walking around your home can seem daunting. Coupled with the uncertainty surrounding the etiquette of the process, it can feel stressful for sellers in the early stages of a house move. However, with a wealth of experience in conducting viewings, we’re here to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We’re proud to offer clients a professional, dedicated service that is as stress free as possible. As the only estate agent in the area to open seven days a week, we’re always available to show prospective buyers around so you never miss an opportunity to market your home. In fact, it’s a service we’re keen to encourage.

The benefits of letting your estate agent conduct viewings

There are numerous benefits to letting your estate agent undertake viewings. As experts in selling houses, we’re perfectly placed to promote your property in the best possible way by presenting the selling points and features that could seal the deal. We also make sure we have all the key facts to hand during the viewing to answer any potential questions about the house and the surrounding area.

As a skill developed over many years of viewings, we aim to put people at ease so the time spent inside the house is as effective as possible. We’re also experts at gauging feedback so you’ll get a realistic view of how interested your visitors really are. Some buyers are put off by vendors showing them around as they feel it can be harder to be honest.

Of course, if you would prefer to conduct your own viewings, we are very happy to assist in any way we can and will fully brief you in advance of the meeting, both in terms of how to make the most of the opportunity as well other background information of which you should be aware.

So how do you conduct a successful property viewing?

Whether you’re presenting your own property or leaving it to the experts, we’ve got three top tips to making the most of the opportunity and getting your house ready to be viewed. Follow these and you could soon be accepting an offer on your home:

1. 1 - Start from the front

The front of your home sets the tone for the viewing and creates that all-important first impression. Make sure you’ve trimmed the hedges and swept the path. Add a few flower pots to make the entrance as inviting as possible.

2. 2. Declutter the surfaces

This will instantly give the impression of space and light. If the rooms are pleasing and clutter-free it’s more likely your prospective buyers will start to visualise themselves and their belongings in the house. Simple things like opening curtains, cleaning windows and making sure the sink is clear will leave a better impression. Place boxes in storage if you’re struggling to clear space.

3.   3. Shine a spotlight

When showing buyers around, it’s best to be natural and friendly. Use the opportunity to highlight the best aspects of the house but don’t push the hard sell as it could put people off. Don’t forget your garden – keep it neat and tidy no matter how big or small.

If you’re thinking of moving and would like more advice on the selling process, we’re here to help every step of the way. Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.