Our Top Tips for making Downsizing work for you

For many of us, there is a well trodden path of home ownership, and whilst it may vary for some the steps of buying a starter home or flat,  followed by a ‘family’ home and then later in life a move to a smaller more manageable property would be familiar to most.

We see lots of helpful information being provided to first-time buyers about how to get on the property ladder and what to look for in their first home. This information is great but as experienced agents one of the moves that is often the trickiest isn’t finding your first home, but the step of downsizing from a family home you may have lived in for decades.  In our opinion there isn’t enough information on this topic!

It can seem a daunting prospect  to consider downsizing but we would say that it’s a move that can really give people more freedom and less worry about the upkeep of a larger home, and can fit in perfectly with a new stage in life.

So below we’ve highlighted some of our top tips, about how to decide what’s right for you and how to make that step: 

·       Downsizing doesn’t just mean a bungalow (although if that’s your dream property go for it!), there are lots of options from smaller houses to apartments.

·       Consider thinking about properties that are closer to the village centre and amenities so that if longer-term you don’t want to drive you still have everything on your doorstep.

·       New Builds – they offer the benefit of being low maintenance and without any need for DIY. 

·       Retirement Villages – now we know that people often have an opinion on this topic! But trust us as agents who represent one of the best villages in the South East we think any preconceived ideas you have might just disappear when you take a look.  We would definitely advise keeping an open mind about this option.

·       Location is key if you have children/grandchildren especially if they are in various locations, consider fully how any move will impact travelling to see family.

·       If your move is part of your retirement plan also think about what there is to do – we are very lucky that in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages there are a range of clubs, sports clubs, walking groups, film club, history club, art groups and so much more.  If you’ve been used to working but are looking to have an active retirement do take this into consideration.

·       You may well declutter your current home ready for it going on the market – and although it sounds obvious people sometimes do overlook that in order to downsize effectively some of your existing furniture etc will need to go.  Think about which pieces will work well in your new home and be strict with yourself about having a yes and no pile when decluttering – the experts suggest not having a maybe pile!

·       Downsizing is a big task and there are professionals out there that can help you with managing this process and can really support the process – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you would like more advice about placing your home on the market and help with your search for the perfect downsizing property please do give us a call on 01483 268 555.