Preparing your property for a spring sale

We’ve seen the first of the snowdrops shooting up, and the evenings are starting to get just that little bit lighter!  Spring may not be here just yet, but it won’t be long before it is in full swing.  Spring is considered to be one of the best times to sell your home.  Historically this was for a number of reasons, lighter sunnier weather makes all homes look more appealing and a desire to complete any house sale during the summer holidays all played a part in this.

Whilst for many homeowners, a season won’t dictate when they choose to move or sell their current house we are always asked for tips on how to best prepare for a home for sale, as well as advice for the trends that are currently most likely to influence potential buyers.

So here are our top tips to prepare your home for Spring viewings.


1.  We may have heard it all many times before but kerb appeal makes a difference!  When someone pulls up outside a property it will instantly leave a lasting impression on them.  Making sure this space is clean and tidy may be all that’s required, don’t leave anything around that makes access for people viewing harder than it should be.  If you’re not green-fingered (we’re not all the next Monty Don!) then consider faux plants to the entrance, and anything green that has died or is about to is probably best removed. 

Consider giving the front door and front windows a clean, and have a walk around yourself looking at things objectively, most of us don’t bother looking day to day as we’re just keen to get in the front door.


2.   Create a great first impression.  For most homes entering through the hallway is how buyers will start their viewing.  Firstly, have a good declutter!  We know you might need access to lots of coats and shoes etc, but if you can only keep the essentials out for viewings this is great.  For many homes just clearing away some of the clutter can instantly make the space look a lot bigger. 

Our hallways and entrances to our homes especially where kids and pets are involved can take quite a battering.  Think about whether a fresh new doormat or wiping down the walls etc could enhance the appearance even further.


3.  A good old-fashioned spring clean is essential, if you don’t have the time consider using a cleaning service that provides one-off services.  Removing dust and dirt that all homes accumulate through winter will mean that as the spring sunshine shines through your home it is acting as a spotlight to highlight those areas.


4.  Heating costs have been on many homebuyers' minds over the last year, but do resist the urge to turn off all heating at the first sign of spring, as leaving people feeling cold isn’t ideal.  Most buyers want to feel a warmth physically and emotionally about a house, they don’t want to worry that the house can’t be heated effectively.


5.  Think about your outside space, gardens are often only just waking up in Spring, and you may not have accessed your own garden for a number of months.  But during a viewing heading outside is always important to buyers.  Make sure the space is clear of leaves and mud, at the very least. Do a quick check to make sure that it’s clear enough to walk around the space.  If budget allows consider planting up some spring tubs to include around a seating area so that people can envisage themselves sitting around outside on the warmer days to come.


With a little bit of work, these small jobs can make all the difference and leave potential buyers with exactly the right impression about your property.

If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market in time for spring please do get in touch so that one of our experienced team can help with valuing your property, and share their extensive local expertise with you too.


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