The Projects that Help Improve the Energy Rating of your Home

Energy efficient homes have been around for some time, and there have been various government initiatives over the years, as well as planning regulations that have looked to improve the green credentials of our homes. 

The news has sadly been dominated recently by the fact that millions of households are expected to see their energy bills soar this year, as the energy price cap rises.  Currently, the government is also focusing on its net-zero strategy, encouraging homeowners to switch to low-carbon alternatives before 2035.  This is all part of the plan to cut our reliance on fossil fuel heating.

In the face of these changes, buyers are increasingly looking at ways to reduce their bills. There is no doubt that buyers are keen to purchase homes that could help with this and be greener.  There has been various research that now shows there is a willingness to pay a premium for these homes.  So for those looking to invest in their current home and add value, it’s worth thinking about projects that offer more cost-efficient energy alternatives – such as heat pumps – which are starting to climb higher up buyers’ wish lists.  The list of things buyers are being influenced by has always included new kitchens or bathrooms, or in the last few years by home offices and green spaces, but now energy efficiency should be added to the list too!

With this in mind here’s our advice on projects to consider that could help the current energy rating of your property and make it attractive to future buyers:

Lower cost, but still very effective projects, would be looking at the insulation of your home. Small improvements here can help massively with current bills.  From making sure cavity walls are filled, to a jacket for your hot water tank and floor and loft insulation.  A more costly project but worth considering if your home was built before the 1920’s you could consider solid wall insulation which is explained here in more detail.

Solar panels are the most common domestic renewable energy source in the UK – and are still seen as a good investment.  The main considerations for installing them are whether there’s enough space or if you’ll require any planning permission.  For getting the maximum energy ideally you need an unshaded area that faces south.

Heat pumps are fast becoming a popular choice for buyers and for reducing costs and a greener choice for heating your home.  Experts say that this source of heating and hot water will over time replace the gas boiler.  So if replacing the boiler is on your list of home improvements already it’s worth considering this alternative.

They run on mains electricity which is becoming more decarbonised as more renewable electricity is added into the mix. They could reduce carbon emissions from household heating to very close to zero – and in some cases, they’re already cheaper to run than fossil fuelled heating systems.

We hope these possibilities have wet your appetite about projects you could consider in your home.  As potential buyers start to show more interest in this area, it will no doubt influence the choices they make about suitable properties, so staying ahead of the curve is always good.

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