Spring has sprung early in the property market

Generally, a change in the weather, leaves returning to trees and flowers starting to bloom signifies an upturn in the property market. However, something has changed this year.

It seems that the start of a new decade has spurred everyone into action. Whereas spring is usually the time when people start to think about looking for something new, 2020 has got off to a flying start and we’re encouraging those who are considering a change this year, to not wait.

Everything is on the up

We’ve had an extremely busy start to the year, with properties that we’ve been marketing since summer 2019 having been snapped up. In fact, compared to January last year, the number of properties we’ve given valuations for is up by 45%, the number of properties we’ve been instructed to market is up by 37.5% and the number of sales is also up by 42%.


Change in mindset

It’s fair to say that, whatever your political leaning, the December general election has had an impact. Like many industries, the past three years have seen us face many challenges and it’s been clear that people have been waiting to see what was going to happen with Brexit before making concrete decisions about buying and selling. Now we have left the EU and it’s apparent the world hasn’t come crashing down, a “right, let’s get on with it” type of mindset has occurred. 

Don’t wait

With the wait and see approach behind us, we have buyers ready and actively looking for their next home. If selling your property is on your radar for the next six months, make use of the upturn, new-found optimism and current buoyancy in the market. An increase in both buyers and sellers does give more flow to the market and will ensure that house prices remain stable and firm.

We’re here to help

As the specialists for residential sales in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages, we’re here to help you take the next step. Get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team to get the ball rolling.