Things to consider before taking on a House Renovation Project

We know that there are people who absolutely love taking on a ‘project’ when it comes to buying a house. They relish the chance to put their own stamp on it or perhaps see it as an opportunity to make a profit from the project that will help fund the next project!

For others taking on a ‘doer upper’ might be an option more out of necessity, in terms of budget or because they are set on a certain location.  Whatever the reason, and no matter how seasoned you are at house renovating there are always some key things to consider, including what are the benefits of doing so, and whether it’s something to seriously consider.  Going into a project with all the facts and research in front of you is definitely advisable.

From the very outset when you start viewing properties there are some key things to think about, in terms of will the property make a good renovation project? Or if could it just be a money pit of a project?  Look for properties that have an opportunity to extend either up, above or out. Look at neighbouring houses and see what they have done.  Also consider if the location is right for you, what are the ceiling price for properties in that street for example.

A full survey should be top of the list, especially if the project is a large undertaking. Any hidden areas that might require a large budget to rectify could make a big difference as to whether the project is viable or not.

You don’t always need planning permission to improve and develop your property. This article highlights work that can be done without it, but do always check with the local government website for your area too.

Make sure you’ve planned to have a contingency in your budget.  Especially when working on older/period properties as things like infestations, damp or unsafe electrics can quickly result in sizeable dents to a budget that perhaps hadn’t been foreseen.  

Get to know your neighbours.  This isn’t just because they will be able to comment on any planning applications, although having them be supportive can be a real bonus! More to appreciate that if you are making this house your home, once the disruption of lorries/diggers/skips as well the associated noise and dirt has gone, you will want to be able to enjoy living in your new home and having good neighbours plays an important role in that too.

And finally, don’t be surprised if there is competition – lots of it!  Whilst buyers might think no one else is mad enough to take on certain projects – there nearly always is.  For the last twenty + years property development and TV shows and more recently platforms like Instagram, that masterfully show the before and after of house renovating projects, have made it a dream for many people to take on even the very worst of properties! Keeping a level head and putting yourself in the best position to purchase the property can play an important part in helping you become the successful owner!

Whether it’s a complete overall project you’re looking for, or perhaps a good solid home in need of just a little TLC we always have a wide range of properties around Cranleigh and the surrounding villages. If this has inspired you take something like this on we currently have a couple of suitable properties.  We can also always lend our 30 + expertise into the process as well in helping you make a decision that’s right for you. 

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