Top selling turn-offs – does your house make the grade?

You’ve made the big decision and you’re going to move house! It’s an exciting time and there’s plenty to do; hunting for your dream home, finding the best agent to promote your current property, reviewing your budget and thinking about decluttering.

You’re obviously hoping for a quick sale at the price you need to be able to move on, and you’re doubtless aware of some of the things you ought to do to ensure your home is looking at its best for potential purchasers. Although in reality most people are too busy to bake bread, light fires and place vases of fresh flowers strategically around the house, you’ll probably wipe the kitchen surfaces, vacuum carpets, cut the grass and attempt to hide some of the kids’ toys wherever you can find room!

However, it’s a fact that in our own homes, we end up not noticing some of the possible turn-offs which a fresh pair of eyes (and even a new nose) might immediately pick up on. These things can make the difference between getting an offer or not, and also between the price you want to achieve and the price people are prepared to offer. We’ve made a list of five issues which can get overlooked when preparing your home for inspection. Read on and make sure your house is the one that buyers will be fighting over:

1.       Pet hair everywhere

You love your dog or cat and you may not notice that they leave a furry reminder of their presence whenever they curl up on the carpet, sofa or even your bed. Matted pet hair is not only unsightly but can spark allergic reactions in some people - not the best welcome for potential purchasers. If not regularly removed, it can also smell stale and repugnant, which leads us neatly on to the next point:

2.       Unpleasant smells

The most obvious one is cigarette smoke which is a major turn-off for many people. If you smoke, make sure you do so outside while you’re trying to sell your house. It’s clearly not a good idea to rustle up your signature vindaloo or poach some haddock just before a viewing either, as these smells, while appetising at the time, are distinctly off-putting for a while afterwards. Do give the bathroom a once-over as well and put the rubbish out.

However, there may be other less than fragrant smells which you’re used to but a guest isn’t, such as damp, pet hair as mentioned above, a stack of old trainers by the door or the musty scent of a teenager’s bedroom where they’ve stashed unwashed plates under the bed.

Conversely, too much air freshener can also put people off as they wonder what you’re trying to hide!

3.       Artex ceilings

According to surveys, these are one of the biggest turn-offs of all. Artex is a type of plaster which was often applied to walls or ceilings in the 1980s to give a textured finish. It’s now hugely unpopular so might be worth removing if your home contains any. Be aware though that any Artex applied before the mid-80s may contain asbestos, so would need to be removed by a specialist contractor.

4.       Damp stains

Whether or not your house is actually damp, the presence of historic stains can put people off, so get them checked out and dealt with, and then redecorate so the area is fresh and clean. Remember that washing left unloaded in the washing machine can smell damp after a while too.

5.       A coloured bathroom suite

An avocado bathroom suite places your home firmly in the 1970s, which is not something viewers are going to be keen on! A recent survey placed this as the top turn-off when buying a house. Replacing one with a white suite can be done relatively cheaply and will always be worth doing.

With your clean, tidy, fragrant home now ready for viewers, you should be able to sit back and let your agent do the rest!

We’d love to market your house for you, and as the local property experts in Cranleigh and the villages, we’re perfectly placed to give it the exposure it needs. Get in touch and let our friendly and professional team help make your move go smoothly and swiftly.