Our Top Tips for Stree Free Move

Moving home whether you’re a first-time buyer, or have moved many times can be a busy and sometimes stressful time!  It might seem like when you’re moving that there are months of very little activity with regards to the move but then moving day can often creep up very quickly, and this can catch home movers out. 

Here are our top tips on planning for your future move, and helping that all important day run as smoothly as possible.

Before moving day there are some things you can start to get in order months before, such as knowing where all your paperwork is, for example, utility bills etc so you can quickly access numbers or emails to let providers know you are moving.

Whilst it might be the last thing on your mind having a really good declutter at home, in the months where surveys and conveyancing are taking place, means you know everything you pack you actually want in your new home, rather than having to have a big clear out when you arrive.

We’d strongly advise doing some research on where you’re moving to if it’s a new area – do you know where the supermarkets are or the local DIY store?  If you’re a gym goer what are your options when you move?  Or if you have school-age children get the ball rolling with viewing schools.

As moving day approaches if you are doing your own packing make sure the boxes are labeled with which room they need to go in as this will make things much quicker for your removers.

Have a box or bag of things you want to keep out the kettle and teabags are high on most people’s list!!  But also yours might include paperwork, pet food or electronics to keep kids occupied on the day.

There are lots of good checklists that help you through each step, such as https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mortgages/moving-home-checklist, and some of the people you may need to inform you can do so in advance which again helps take the pressure off last minute jobs.

Our advice would be the more you can prepare the better, but also don’t be surprised by a curveball at the last minute, there might be something that gets overlooked, but if most of the move has run smoothly it’s easier to be able to deal with these things if they do crop up.

We help support our clients through the whole process and a good agent with years of experience should be able to guide you when moving home, and flag up some of the aspects that can make all the difference to having a good experience when moving home.