What Buyers Really Want from a Rural Home

A move to the countryside to a rural or semi-rural home has been a popular aspiration for many over the years, from retirees to those starting a family and wanting their children to enjoy the benefits of country life.  There’s no doubt it’s seen as the good life for many – and for good reason!

Since the pandemic and the continued shift towards home-working or hybrid working between home and the office, the opportunity to move further out of towns and cities has continued.  Gone are the days of needing a fast direct public transport link to the office and so now the option to move has opened up to many more people who couldn’t have considered it before.  As a result, we are seeing a huge interest in people looking to find their dream home in the country in our area, with all the great outdoor space, community spirit, and diverse housing stock it has to offer.

There are some key features which no matter what the demographics or requirements of the buyer might be there are almost always certain things on that wish list when it comes to buying a country home. So if you’re thinking of adding value to your home in the long term here are our recommendations for those features that buyers just love:

A Log Burner – these are a great addition to any lounge or snug and create the cosy comfort warm glow that makes a house feel like a home.  People can envisage walks with the dog followed by relaxing by the fire.

Outdoor space – there doesn’t have to be lots of it, but somewhere people can see themselves sitting and enjoying the good weather and also the peace and quiet of rural life.  If you know which direction your garden faces think about positioning even a bench or small table and chairs.  For those with larger outdoor space, there is continued interest in people having space for a few raised beds where they can grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Kitchen space to entertain – for many people the kitchen is the heart of the home, and features like an island to be able to stand and chat around, an Aga (who doesn’t love an Aga!), practical flooring to allow for muddy boots is also a popular choice.

Access to the wider countryside and community events – buyers new to an area are keen to know how quickly they can reach a nice footpath for a walk or where the best place to ride a bike is.  If you’re involved in viewings for your home make sure you share your top tips for the countryside activities on your doorstep.  In Cranleigh and the surrounding villages in to West Sussex, we’re lucky to have so many events from village fetes to jousting, dog shows to musical festivals there really is something for everyone.

That's one of the best things about working with a local agent and property expert is we can share our knowledge with potential buyers when we're talking about locations and properties with them having lived locally for many years, we can provide that local insight.

If you’d like more advice about selling your home or what buyers are looking for please do get in touch with our local team of experts on 01483 268 555.  If you’re looking to make a move to the country contact us to register with us and head to our website to view all the properties available currently www.rogercoupe.com.