Working from Home: The New Normal?

We think it’s probably fair to say that many people have spent the last few months in a very different working environment than perhaps they had in February!

The priority for those lockdown months was the need to stay and work from home where possible. Also, for many families they added home-schooling to their daily to do list! But many have found that some of the changes have actually suited them and their families much better than expected.  There have also been a number of announcements from larger companies that they have no plans for everyone to return on mass to the office.

Whereas working from home was perhaps something you did once a week or was the preserve of the freelancer now we’re experiencing a definite trend in people looking for homes that have a clearly defined workspace too.

This changing landscape has meant that for many who were tied to being near their place of work, and with the associated commuting links, those shackles have gone and a move to different and often more rural locations has become something many are considering.

So if you are thinking about making a move to somewhere with the option of working from home and with more green and outdoor space then Cranleigh and the surrounding villages could be the idea place, offering good broadband, accessible transport links when required and a well established business community.

Here are some things to consider when viewing properties:

If there isn’t a dedicated room you could use as an office, is there space in the garden for a cabin, or could you convert a garage or another outbuilding?  Or is there a large landing or hallway that could house a desk?  There are so many clever options for desk and storage now that mean even a smaller space can provide a great working space.

Whether working from home has meant you're looking to move to somewhere you can have a garden cabin or a larger dedicated office space, then let us help you find your perfect home and working space in the beautiful villages around the Surrey Hills and Surrey/Sussex border.  We currently have a range of properties offering the perfect home working environment whatever space you're looking for.